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If you engage Melody in a conversation about serving those in true need, you’ll get to witness her ignite and brightly light-up from within. Melody’s influences started early in age, with both her parent’s early influence in Philanthropy engagements and in making a difference. Melody’s father was a physician and as early as she can recall, she accompanied him when she was a little girl, in several of his volunteer work to help provide medical care and service to people who couldn’t afford to see a doctor. They visited towns and saw patients in impoverish conditions in the Philippines. Melody found her own calling as she grew up, by tapping into her own gifts in music ministry, finding her voice in speaking engagements but above all, taking action. Her love for children’s causes became evident as she volunteered her time with organizations such as the Children’s Home Society, Beta Center, Church community outreach etc. Several of her big event hosting or emcee projects were focused on creating awareness, fundraising, and engagement in humanitarian missions and aides. She’s led her own corporate employment into breaking records in the participation rate in employee contributions, beating previous records through her ability to connect, communicate and creatively think out of the box to connect the need and achieve desired results. Melody is all about putting the need of others, especially those impoverished, with strong conviction. Her unselfish and strong drive stems from her ability to relate to the unpredictability of life, the belief that in order to have a change, one must not wait for others to take action and instead become the very pioneer to get things moving.




One of the miracle journey in Melody’s life was launching an event called “One Night One Voice” in November 2013. The result and testimony of those who were involved, those who became recipients and those who have witnessed this incredible unfolding of events, call it a miracle journey. Put together in 3weeks, the results and impact it had were massive for it led to feeding thousands of children, rebuilding homes, providing other organizations in aiding them with medical provisions, etc. It led to her journey of being actively engaged with a group called Mobile Soup Kitchen for Kids (MSKK) and became the US representative for this group.


Currently, Melody is collaborating with Kilos Bayanihan, a US-based non-profit organization, in their effort to build an education community center in the Philippines to aid children and families who currently have no means of affording education and where 60% of that particular geography, due to poverty, have had no access to education. In addition, she is currently working on a project of lending her capabilities as a speaker in helping the young adults transitioning from backgrounds of heavy adversities and helping them focus on the reality of their capabilities to change their own destiny.  Melody is currently on the board of “I’m In” events and involved with a 3 day Black and White Charity event benefiting the BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation in Florida. Whenever she is able to find time, Melody and her two sons also volunteer through a group called Orlando Outreachers.