Melody has an extensive diversified experience in speaking in front of small crowds to a large number ranging in the thousands. Completely undaunted by the number in the audience, Melody delivers messages with clarity, complete engagement, passion, precision and most of all, from the authenticity of her character and heart. This is what sets her apart from other speakers and anyone who has ever heard her speak whether it be in forums, panels, private events, televised or streamed projects, hosting or as an emcee, will all agree that everyone becomes deeply connected in the message she is delivering and leaves the listener ignited from within.

To name some of her engagements, Melody was the co-emcee with a celebrity at a Global Philippine idol contest and was on stage for 6 hours non-stop and her boundless energy made the show fully engaging and entertaining. She spoke as a panelist in New York City for a UNIPRO convention focusing her work on humanitarianism. She has hosted a number of private charity galas and a statewide pageant that was televised for Asian-American communities.  Melody is often sought out by several private and non-profit organization as a speaker and host as she delivers with purpose, meaning and emotionally connects with everyone. In corporate dealings, Melody’s ability to empathize, sympathize and practice focused listening allows her to completely build a solid relationship that guides groups into strategic actions yielding desired results. There are many facets to communication and Melody excels in both her body language, vocal tone, audience engagement and attention, connect emotionally, and increase audience energy. Her power is her heart in sending, receiving, listening and interpreting the message that is needed to be delivered. Melody has a very healthy list of impressive references that can be furnished upon request on her credibility as a speaker.