I met Melody Garcia while attending Rollins College in 2012. She is one you notice right away and it wasn’t long before we became partners in several academic projects and friendship blossomed. She motivated and inspired me to always get to the next level. Her unrestrained passion and joy for life is a gift she naturally gives to others without filter.

Melody is honest, gentle and full of positive energy regardless how hard an adversity may be. There is strength in her character, power in her instinct, countless skills and talents as threads of various disciplines all woven together to make one amazing woman, mother and friend.

I have seen Melody rise above hardships and deep pain. She has grown beyond herself and turned personal challenges into triumphs. She is always growing with fascinating speed looking ahead and expanding into an extraordinary human being. Her journey is one of grace, meaning and creativity. Melody applies unconditional meaning and value to each and every person and situation. It is that which warrants indelible quality in her dignity.

I was fortunate to attend and witness a humanitarian event she had put together called “One Night One Voice” where 100% of the proceeds were donated to victims of the catastrophic storm that hit the Philippines in 2013. This event was put together in a matter of 3 short week and was highly anticipated and attended by hundreds, to an auditorium of almost full capacity.  Melody not only single-handedly pull together a beautiful, emotional, event as a  tribute to the victims of the storm but her deliverance and words spoken hit right at the heart and moved audience into action. The community in rapid speed responded to her call to bring this event to fruition at lightning speed. Such as I have never seen before.  The result had an incredible impact to the rebuilding of communities, feeding thousands of children, planting of sustainable gardens, etc. from half-way around the globe, to people whose lives she’s touched without meeting them. She put her mind to work, calling all her creative talents to deliver what many aspire to do, hope and action to those who need it the most.

I was completely blown away by her ability to be on stage, speak so freely, connecting hundreds that attended to her heart. She interacted as a seasoned professional and it was an unbelievable production with strong meaning and orientation that made a significant and unforgettable difference in so many people’s lives both inside that auditorium, a country half-way around the world, and all that came across her journey.

I solidly recommend Melody as a keynote and platform speaker for your event. As a mentor, creative marketing and connector she is as solid as it gets in both corporate and personal levels.


Mirena Umizaj  

CEO, Frameless Consulting LLC

President, Settlement Professionals INC of Florida

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